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Extremely sorry for being MIA for a while. If you follow me on Insta and stories you already know I ventured to Mauritius last week. It was an absolutely splendid vacation. The balmy winter sun, gorgeous beaches and the Sea. I’m sure the tan will take a long while to wear off… But, more of that later.

Facing the notion of going back to work after a vacation can be a daunting prospect. Saying goodbye to the sun, sea and the freedom to not to look at your emails can often feel like the end of the world. There is nothing like a dose of post-holiday blues to make you wish you’d chuck it all, and open a yoga school on the French Polynesia. But then reality sinks in, and you are ready to go back to the routine. What better than a generous dose of floral prints when in need of a bit of a boost? Right?

Dresses are usually the easiest to find in floral patterns so I try not to go too overboard. But floral pants, now those are diamonds in the rough. Two reasons why I say that.  One, good subtle prints are hard to find and second, the proper size and fit. Finding a pair of pants that wins on both those accounts is like winning the lottery. When I tried this pair on, I immediately wanted to go buy a scratch off — that’s how lucky I felt.

While most conservative offices would possibly frown upon your floral pants, there are ways that you could easily incorporate them in your work wardrobe

These trousers are really versatile when paired with simple basics – I’ve worn them with an oversized jumper and stilettoes , a maroon loose knit, a white shirt and wedge heels..etc etc. One wrong move, however, and they become instantly hideous, so here are my tips for making floral trousers work…

  • Keep it professional by pairing with solid pieces on the top. Go for basics in neutral colors, like grey, black, white and nude. These colors really ground the florals and don’t let them stand out.
  • Keep the jewelry minimal, these statement pants don’t need statement jewelry.
  • Be sure that the pants are office appropriate. Patterned pants that you pick from boutiques might not be the best choice since they are more curve hugging, that’s why when I buy fun pieces for work I like to look at retailers like Shein, Zara and Mango since they are geared towards working girls and make their outfits more office appropriate.
  • Don’t mix prints.
  • Add height! A pair of heels will instantly lengthen and slim your legs


Well, this is how I wear my florals – what about you? Any tips to share? Would you wear them at all?

Outfit Details

Floral trousers : Shein : Here

(Use Moumita20 to avail a 20% discount on Shein products. Offer valid till 1st July)

Black solid top : Forever 21 : Here

Watch : Calvin Klein : Here

Black Stilettos : Clarks : Similar Here 

P.S. I ran a small poll on my stories a couple of days back to check how does the rest of the world feel about floral pants to work… sharing the poll results.


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  1. Ananyaa Chowdhary Reply

    The trousers look fab! Love the way you’ve styled them 😗😗

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