I love wearing black whenever I can. ​It perfectly poised and commands sophistication without demanding excessive maintenance. Yesterday, I spilled some tea on my dress. Thankfully the color dominated the stain. ​I would have dwelled on the brink of discomfort but this time the oddity of the niggling accident brought forth a lesson. (These valuables are deemed the God of Small things)

Juan is a great friend and was an exceptional co-worker – until sometime back when he resigned after being diagnosed with carcinoma. We meet often and we hang-out for long. I don’t know how he can still be so jubilant. He is struggling for his life and he seems to be enjoying it.

We always meet in this little cafe, which has some rickety chairs but serves amazing tea. (He discovered it long back). He is poor at making jokes but he makes up for it with his awkward facial contortions. He is the kind of guy who can make you laugh, reading from your car’s manual. I was laughing but I had a question ringing at the back of my head. I couldn’t help it.

‘Juan how can you be so unperturbed?’

​Before he could answer, the man at the counter called my name. I picked the large cups from the counter and turned towards my table, when a guy totally immersed in his mobile bumped into me, spilling the tea on my dress in the process. I muttered a curse, he muttered an incoherent apology.

​Juan was witnessing the whole episode. Once I was back at my table, he prodded ‘You spilt the tea!! ‘​”Well you saw what happened, the guy bumped into me. It was not my fault. “I was trying to blot the patch off my dress. Black never makes things awkward. “And yet, you lost half of your tea and a wet spot in your pretty dress. What do we do now?”I shrugged. My mind was still half occupied with coercing another apology from the idiot but he had disappeared – like a strike of fate.

He picked his cup and enjoyed the first sip and said. “Let’s just enjoy what’s left of it.”


Self-patterned Black Skater Dress: Van Huesen Here 

Black pumps: Add-ons Here

Color Block Handbag: Vero Moda Here

Neckpiece: Voylla: similar Here 


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