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How’s the Indian summer treating you?

There is no respite from the hot and sultry weather conditions here in Hyderabad, with mercury levels hiking up and hovering over 39 degree Celsius every day. In this heat even the trees appear defeated. Leaves that should be firm and tilting upward, droop, flaccid as old lettuce. The soil isn’t simply dry, but powdery to the touch. Grass that is always green until April look like stacks of hay. Every morning I look up hoping to spot some dark clouds, but the sky is stubbornly barren, and each evening brings us a blood-red angry sun.

No matter what the mercury levels say, if you are anything like me… You’ll still want wear a blazer to work.

Enter cropped blazers, the new outerwear silhouette in town. This abbreviated style is totally chic and universally flattering. The cropped blazer is the perfect pal for outfits when longer jackets simply don’t cut it. They serve as saviors in situations where the tailored hip length blazers looks slightly anomalous. They not only add a sassy feel to your look, but also accentuate your waist and bring great layers in the form of length-play. Particularly, if you’re on the shorter side, you should take advantage of the smaller hem to show off your waistline.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that it’s one chic piece of clothing that should definitely be added to the closet! You can style it in as many ways as you want, whatever suits the hour… If you are bold enough not to shy away from a little skin show, team it over a crop top and with a pair of denims. For more conservative surroundings, you can layer up and stay covered by working it with a high-waist trouser or midi skirt and tucked-in shirt ensemble. Depending on what you are looking for, there’s an iteration for everyone.

I paired this one with a high-waist, wide-legged trouser, and leopard print pumps.

No matter what your styling technique is, if you’re ready to add a great cropped blazer to your wardrobe, here’s a little help from me so you don’t have to scout further. You can shop this blazer from here, and use my code corporatelukbuk20, to avail a 20% discount as well…


Outfit Details

Cropped Blazer : Noirde : Here

Button Front High waist Pants : Forever 21 : Similar Here

Black Cami : Forever 21 : Here

Shoes : Zara : Similar Here

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