Finally, we made it to the weekend! The last few days have been crazy and I’m looking forward to a slow, restful weekend at home surrounded by family and nursing my (not-so-little) puppy back to health.

The weather here is lovely today. I love the feel of the damp breeze across my body, and cannot make myself get up from the porch. My eyes are drawn to the dark floating clouds, and I sense a little rain-drop trembling in the air, as if questioning with the genius of the nature, whether it should fall upon the ground or linger a little while longer in the beautiful sky. Finally it gives in. The showers fall and sink into the ground and seem to be lost. The timid crystals drop and disappear beneath the soil and are speedily drunk by the parched Earth.

At last, we have a very refreshing shower, reviving the thirsty soil and our spirits.

It’s just the right kind of day to wear something retro and romantic. What better than a polka dot wrap dress, right? Polka dots have been around forever, and has seen a resurgence of late. I totally love it, but I’m partial to it on a smaller scale like the dress I’m wearing, and prefer a dark foil, like navy or black. I’m not the only one who loves it. Designers including Gucci, Michael Kors, Oscar De La Renta, Rosetta Getty and more have used it in their spring-summer collection. I particularly like the fabric and fit of this dress, complete with an open neck and bow belt.

So if you too are a polka dots fan, go ahead and invest in one. It’s a retro yet classic piece that will never go out of fashion and you can wear it for many many years to come.

Outfit Details

Polka dot shift dress : Dorothy Perkins : Similar Here

Nude heels : Aldo : Similar Here

Have a great weekend !


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