You know it is December when the malls are adorned with string-lights and wreaths. When huge colorful stars happily sway with the wind outside the shops. When every corner you cross, you hear ‘jungle bells’ floating melodically down the crisp December air.  

It is a perfect time to plan a vacation and spend time with your loved ones. A time of joy and reflections of the year past. A perfect time to revisit old memories and thank everyone and everything that made the year so special.

Today, I wanted to take a moment to do just that. Thank!

The People

The people who came in my life this year, even if it was just for a little while. They all had a purpose. For example, the family who helped me when my car broke down in a deserted street of Hanoi. I did not seek their help, but they still stopped and stayed with me, till help arrived and volunteered to be my interpreter in a foreign land. They taught me kindness. I don’t know who they were, and may not meet them again, but I promise to pay this forward whenever, wherever possible.

There are people who come and go and there are the ones who are my constants, people who have nourished my soul. The people who have stood by me like dogged, dedicated gardeners, watering me and seeing me through all seasons beyond the spring.


I remember waving at planes as a child, every time one zoomed over our house. I would look up at the sky squinting at the blazing sun and waving at it, wondering where is it going. It did not matter what its destination was, I wished if somehow magically, I could also be in that plane, and go with it. Growing up gave me the opportunity of fulfilling this one big dream of traveling across the world. The places I have visited are as much a part of me as the people I have met. This year gave me some amazing opportunities to explore new places and revisit some old ones. Meeting my kindergarten friends after a hiatus of 15 years rekindled my soul and faith in friendships that transcends all boundaries. With the tickets bought and visa stamped, I am all set for one last trip before I wave this year a good bye.


2017 brought with itself its own share of dreams. Some were fulfilled, some weren’t. It taught me that life is not linear. No matter how well chalked out the plans are, not all see the light of the day, and that’s ok. I can choose to be happy about the ones that did or dwell on the one that did not. I realized that happiness often depends not on the circumstances, but on my own perspectives. When I decided to change my perspective, I felt comforted to know that all that I was going through had a purpose, even if I did not understand it at the moment.

I have learnt that when the wind ruffles my feathers, I can cling to the perch fearing a fall or spread my wings with a hope to fly.


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