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Style is rare and yet an underrated virtue. It is a cornerstone of confidence and powerhouse of will-power. It is not just about mindlessly following trends and designs. It’s about knowing and respecting oneself. It is about creatively presenting yourself and consciously creating your identity. If you want to be successful, no matter which field you are in, knowing your craft is absolutely important and is the foundation, but a strategic visual self-presentation can certainly aid us in cracking those difficult deals (..in those sexy heels!)

Your style and attire does not only create a positive image in the eyes of the beholder but also affects your mood, health, and self-belief. Scientists have named it as ‘enclothed cognition’. The power of aesthetics is astounding but it leaps in proportions when planned strategically. It brings a wealth of change about the way we see ourselves in the mirror and the way the world perceives us. It helps in shaping our personality.

Fashion to me, is not about the labels. I have experimented with everything from branded couture to flea-market bargains, boutiques to online retail. My statement is inspired by careful introspection and is an extension of who I am as a person. A added advantage is the opportunity to learn from, and work with some of the most successful and stylish people in the various industries and countries.

According to me fashion has no bar and style has no age. So, whether you are a naïve intern or a seasoned professional, a recusant traveler or a tempered globetrotter, the aim of this blog is to take a ride through the sartorial intrigue, colorful palettes and artfully-crazy experiments with style and life.

As Priyanka Chopra says, let’s make the world a stylish place.
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