The flight was delayed by three hours and I landed at the RGI airport at 1 AM. By the time I reached home, it was 3 in the morning, and I had to report for my new job at 7. Yup you guessed it right, there was no point in trying to sleep, so instead, this night owl just ruffled her feathers, picked up a book, and started waiting for the golden dawn to break.

I reached the office in time and instantly felt completely marooned. The color of my dress perfectly reflected my mood, but trust me it was by accident and not design. Being new is never easy. The first day at a new job tends to be one where you’re stumbling between projects and people, asking even simple things like where the bathroom is, and treading as lightly as possible so as not to immediately destroy the possibility of being liked or taken seriously in the new office.Part of the reason first days are so hard is that we and our new team have no context for each other, we don’t know how they work or what they’re like, and they know even less about us.
But, thankfully I have gone through this drill so many times, that I have sort of created a checklist to navigate through these initial difficult days, shall share more about that later. For now, let’s talk about the dress that wore to office on this first day.
This is one of my favorites from Van Huesen. I paired it with a darker shade of maroon shoes from Allen Solly and these simple gold and maroon from Accessories.

As always, would love to hear back from you. Have a great day!

Dress – Van-Huesen Similar: Here
Budget-friendly version: Here
Shoes – Allen Solly similar:  Here
Earrings, similar:  Here


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