While a Tribal printed dress is great in theory, the truth is that it may sometimes be a challenge to pull it off in a work environment, especially if the prints are busy and full of color.

Which color suits you best? How do you style your hair and pick your shoes or accessories? These are some questions that one should keep in mind before picking up a tribal print. Prints are infinite and indeterminate. Choosing one that is flattering and complimentary to your body and style is essential. Small prints or large, spaced apart or close together, geometric or abstract, the choices are unlimited. I have often noticed, that larger prints are more flattering for petite body types. I squarely fall in that category, so I love exploring a balance of larger and smaller patterns. When unsure if the design is flattering I generally try to break it up with a belt or trendy scarf.

Also, I keep in mind the host background color of my print dress. White backgrounds that display bright and sunny prints are ideal for concealing problem bulges. Darker ones give you a more tailored and tapered look and the illusion of being slimmer, so my scales invariably tilt towards darker shades.

Irrespective of whether you pick a big or small print dress, what you pair it with is pivotal to your look. These dresses, usually have an all-over busy print motif that spreads uniformly over the fabric and looks good when toned down and paired with neutral or nude colors. From your shoes to your jewelry to the bag you decide to carry, adding a dollop of neutral shades ensures the floral print is balanced and in harmony with your style.

Hope this will help you embrace more tribal prints in your work wardrobe. Happy mixing and matching!!


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  1. Moumita ..looking as cool and as beautiful as ever…keep it up lady…and thumbs-up for the looks

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