Last Sunday morning at the mall, I ran into an old friend, Shireen. Shireen, Arjun and I were close friends during our college days. It was a pleasure to meet her like this, after a gap of two years. Post a few squeals of joy and an eternal hug, we decided to sit at the nearby coffee shop and fill-in each other on our lives. Being the weekend after Valentine’s day, the café was still adorned with red balloons and wreaths. We couldn’t help but talk about love.

The last time I met Shireen she was seeing a guy named Nishant. She took a lot of pride in dating a guy who was so keenly cool. He was cultured, well-read, well-travelled and had a good sense of humor. After going steady for a while, when she broached the topic of commitment, he instantly crumbled. When she pressed the topic, his response was “chill yaar, we have a lot of time to think about that.”

However, “chill” she could not – at least not for very long.

Shireen is very close to her mother, so when she shared this episode with her, her mother was quite surprised.

“You were going around with this guy?” she asked in an incredulous tone.

“Well, we were together for the past few months.”

“But it was not on FB.” Her mother in her infinite wisdom said, “It is only real if it is on FB”

The relationship ended on a sour note. I had no inkling of all this as I was away for work around that time ensconced in my own world, but Arjun was there for her.

Few months later, while she was still nursing her wounds, she posted an update on Instagram. Someone liked her post and ‘regrammed’ it. Comments on her post lead to DM’s and DM’s lead to Whatsapp conversations. Finally the time came, when she decided to meet this this guy, whose name was Sanjay. Soon she realized Sanjay was nothing like his Social media persona. In reality, he had no idea about most of the things he seemed so passionate about in his Instagram feed. Disillusioned, Shireen decided to nip it in the bud.

She was talking to Arjun about this, and as always he was there to lend her a sympathetic eager ear. It was then, he suggested her to try Tinder. While, Shireen was not entirely convinced, she still downloaded the Tinder app, and went to meet her first (and her last) Tinder date with some trepidation. The date turned out to be a very tech savvy person. He spent most of his time, checking out each nook-and-corner of the restaurant and making sure the review on Zomato matched everything he saw, tweeting about the food and clicking pictures of the entrée from every possible direction. Finally he looked up from his phone and stared straight into her eyes. His opening lines were “are you on Snapchat?”

When Arjun met her the next day, he casually asked “so, how was the date?”
“ Oh brilliant!” she chuckled, “Out of the 45 minutes that we were in the restaurant he gave me his undivided attention for full 45 seconds.”

“But that is how most people are these days” Arjun said with a sad smile.

“Not really, you are not like them. Oh why can’t I meet a person who is genuine, open and caring? Who realizes the importance of being present for the people in their life and honesty in a relationship. Why can’t I meet someone like you?”

A slow smile spread across Arjun’s face and lit up his eyes.

While we were still talking, Shireen’s phone chirped. “Arujn’s message”, she said beaming. “He’s worried because he hasn’t heard from me in the last two days, and asking when I am coming back.”

“Go ahead, respond to the message”, I said.

She looked at me and smiled and quietly wrote to Arjun, “I miss you too.”

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    Such a nicely written humorous story. And I love the red and black combo

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