In my years of working as a corporate professional and a wandering travel freak, I have come across many wonderful women who have inspired and taught me during these past few years, and to them, I remain forever grateful. These women remained with me long after my passport gathered dust or my stint in that company ended. I was encouraged by some of them and stimulated by others. These are what you call, Boss-women.

Being a boss-woman does not necessarily mean that you’re the CEO of a company. Anyone can be a boss woman, whether you’re at work or at home, an employee or an employer. This woman is a respectable femme fatale in her own right,  she is naturally strong, poised and holds her presence in a crowded room. From meeting someone who is emotionally intelligent to someone owning her signature style, while my stories and encounters differ with all these women, there are certain things that I found common in all of them. When you meet someone who leaves a lasting impression. You want to wrap them up and share that gift with your friends, don’t you? So putting it in a nut-shell, everything I have learned from them, here are five characteristics of the boss lady that we all aspire to be. Remember, with a little effort and some faith you can ace whoever and whatever you want to become.


Self-confidence is not something you just ‘have’. It’s something that takes work to achieve and then it’s something you need to make a habit. We all have our moments of doubt, but we can use this to make sure we are grounded and focused. If left astray, this negativity can chisel away at our confidence. We’re hardwired to pay attention to all that is not going right, and therein lies all our problems. Confidence, for people who are not born with, is just a matter of practice.

These are the three tried and tested effective ways to hone that confidence

Thinking positive – As Buddha says, “The mind is everything. What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”

Talking positive – Talking to yourself can make you smarter, improve your memory, help you focus and even increase your performance because the way we talk to yourself influences our brains response, and hence our actions

— Pushing through our self-limiting beliefs – Find your limits by exposing yourself to different situations and pushing through the uncomfortable. 

Committing to Yourself

Do something special for yourself, like make time for exercise or allow yourself to buy a more expensive shampoo, or get that blazer you saw in the window of that showroom. Commit to yourself and your well-being, whether it means carving out time in the day exclusively for you, adopting a healthy lifestyle or following through on a goal. Putting yourself first in order to do so is completely acceptable. The more you feel good, the more motivated you will be to do things that feels good. The more you pay attention to being kinder to yourself, the better you’ll feel and eventually be.  Slowly, your commitment to yourself will change your self-image. It will result in  developing healthier habits and a more empowering outlook on life in general. Self-love will help you take good care of yourself and do the things necessary to achieve your life goals. When you commit to yourself out of love, you can get more of what you want. Eventually, it’ll blossom into a strong, confident persona.

Redefining yourself and learning something new everyday

Take a good long look at yourself in the mirror, if the person staring back at you looks like the same person you used to be a year back, then you certainly have a lot on your plate… A boss woman doesn’t shy away from change or challenge, in fact she thrives on them. Continuously look for ways to redefine and reinvent yourself. Look at your bucket list and start ticking them off..NOW. so call up that Piano teacher, buy that guitar and enroll for that certification that you’ve always wanted to do. Give wings to your ambitions. Do not get entangled in the professional hubris. Yes, you may be amazing at your job, but you are still going need to unlearn and relearn. Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn along the way. You can’t be afraid to pursue what fulfills you, even if others don’t share your vision. Knowing that you can entrust yourself to accomplish what needs to be done is a highly empowering.

Ability to feel the fear, put it into perspective and do it anyway

Fear can take many forms, for some it is the fear of making a mistake, looking like a fool, or of looking like you are unsure about what you are doing. Being a boss woman means knowing that taking risks and looking stupid is an essential part of the learning process. The best way to do it is acknowledge both good and bad emotions. Do not try to suppress the negative ones. Label the emotions for what they truly are and move on. Do not enter into inner dialogue about the negative emotion because then it becomes more powerful. When fear rears its ugly head, move closer to the threat. It does no good to avoid, deny or ignore the fear. Think about your worst fear. Spend time with it, Look squarely in its eye , put it into perspective and write down the ways of overcoming it.  Now focus on your breathing. Feel your body relax… and here you’re on your way to conquering your fear.

Dress to impress – yourself

Last but not the least simply be you. Thin, short, tall, dark or fair, Whatever you are born with, rock it and don’t apologize for being the way you are. No one should make you feel bad for your blessed slender legs, your rounded curves, or the mass of curls on your head. you have your own uniqueness and talents that will help you grow as a girl boss. You are different and irreplaceable and no one else can be you. Take your skills, talents, and even your weaknesses, and use it to your advantage. Confidence is more than appearance, but if a killer pair of heels, or that snug fitting blazer helps don’t shy away from using it. Being bold in your sartorial choices makes you an original , the only and best version of yourself. And when you feel confident, you never go out of style.

I know and completely acknowledge that confidence is far more than appearance, but I also know the benefit of a ‘Power Outfit’.  Everyone has at least one item of clothing that helps them feel confident, powerful and like they could take on the world. So sharing with you all an amazing brand that spells power and confidence.

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    It’s so true being a boss woman in in our hands.thank you for this article

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    Hello mam, you really write so well and look good too

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