The white summer dress that Mom bought for me from Firayalal’s
Papa and me looking for a ‘new color’ to play Holi with
Mom making a Rangoli in the balcony
My brother with colors and pichkaris in the lawn drenching the unsuspecting passersby..

Sounds of laughter floating out of my sisters room where she is chatting with her friends
Relatives at home
Gujiyas and Dahi Vade from Haldiram’s
The small yellow flowers in the nearby Siuli tree…the fragrance filling our home
Friends from the neighborhood calling out my name
Gulal stalls in the playground opposite our house
Friendly neighbors bringing in sweets and cheer…
The smell of ghee wafting out of the kitchen as malpuas pop out of the cauldron in the evening…

Sitting in office, staring at the screen
Maybe Papa is watching TV
Is Mom making a Rangoli today? I’m sure she remembers its Holi?
My brother is probably in his office…may be in his gray blazer. My sister had to finish working on that balance sheet.. I guess she’s in office too
Relatives far away and distant…some dead
Boiled veggies for lunch…and some takeaway for dinner
Some strange tree, swaying outside my office window.. the names unknown
Few friends…some acquaintances…many strangers around

Years have passed, things have changed, but what hasn’t changed is the love for color and the tradition of wearing white on this day.
I will pick some color on the way home today and put some on the doorstep…and wait for some magic….perhaps a whiff of ghee…from somewhere?

Outfit Details 

White Chikankari Saree : Ada Chikan : here

Clutch : Holii : Similar here

Happy Holi!


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  1. samira khan Reply

    loved reading this. and you look like chandni here 🙂

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