They were doing it again. The shoes were speaking to me, right through the thick glass of the bespoke store. They were the right shade of blue. You know, the blue that is somewhere between midnight and sapphire? The blue that I wanted for quite some time now. Stepping inside, I touched them tentatively, almost reverently. The material was so comfortable and the feel so reassuringly refined. How could anything ever go wrong in footwear like that? The soles were thick and the stitching perfect. The heels questioned practicality, but I did not pay a lot of heed to it as the balance tilted heavily towards femininity. I debated with myself, should I wait for the end of year sale? But, what if they run out of my size? That seemed like a very good excuse and I immediately bought them.

These power pumps are definitely making their debut in office tomorrow. I’m going to stand tall at that conference room basking in their reflected glory, not that anyone else would notice, but I would know.

Later, sitting at a restaurant, happy with my loot, I couldn’t help but notice the array of footwear the people in the mall wore and the lack of synergy between their shoes and the rest of their outfits. Why is it that so many people give so little consideration when it comes to dressing their feet?

A recruiter friend of mine, once told me, the first thing he notices in a candidate is his or her shoes. It gives him a sneak-peak into their personalities. And that’s so true.

I’m a firm believer that your style starts from bottom up. The shoes you wear are a very important part of the ensemble. It doesn’t matter if they are expensive or not, hand-crafted or store bought. What matters is how you keep them, wear them and pair them.

So next time you spot a great pair of shoes you really like? Buy them. I’m sure they’ll stand you in good stead.

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