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It’s a beautiful Sunday morning! Complaining about the weather is finally off the conversation starters table. However, even though the sun seems bright and the weather forecasts promising, the current pleasant weather is likely short-lived. I absolutely don’t want to squander this precious dry weekend, and have spent the whole of yesterday outdoors. If you follow me on insta, you already know that I spent the entire early morning driving off-the-roads today. The feeling of watching the Sun rise and the balmy morning breeze gently caressing me was utterly priceless.

So while this weather lasts, and before the rain gods make me stash away my favorite whites away, I decided to pick this Black and white color block dress out of my closet. This chic Mango number has been my favorite ever since I laid my eyes upon it a few months back.

I’m sure at some point you ladies would have tried to do some color-blocking of your own? Right? The appeal is obvious, colorful swathes paired together can create a striking look with a ton of visual interest. when color blocking, you can combine complimentary colors in an ensemble that you would normally wear with basic black or a neutral. If you are not too sure, just use the color wheel for a reference.

If you are not comfortable with experimenting, start with a basic of-the-rack dress like this. Just ensure you pick structured or simple pieces to allow the attention on the color-blocking effect.

If you want to add a pop of color, a contrasting handbag or a pair of stilts is a great idea.

And yes, don’t forget to keep your accessories minimal!

Have a blissful Sunday!!


Outfit Details

Color blocked sheath dress : Mango : Similar Here

Shoes : Mango : Similar Here



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