If you’re anything like I am, you have mixed feelings about New Year’s resolutions. It seems like a natural time to make important changes. It’s like a universal pressing of the ‘reset’ button.

This year, while strolling through the serene environs of Auroville, I was thinking about my list for the year. In the end, instead of drawing up a long list, (and more often than not, not being able to stick with it) , I settled for two very simple resolutions.

This year, I’ll ensure that I ..

Think small

All these years, I created huge resolutions in the hope that a big goal will force me into changing my ways, but that has seldom happened. So this year, I’m going to do the opposite and take tiny, baby steps.

One small step at a time, a simple behavior that would fit seamlessly into my day.

This year I don’t want to take the ‘Goodreads’ challenge to read 100 books in the year, instead pick one book each week. Instead of introducing a detox diet, and fretting over not being able to stick to it, how about adding one serving of vegetables at lunch and one piece of fruit as a snack every day ? when stressed, I’ll take three deep breaths . Walk around the block at work every day. Do five squats or five push-ups in the morning. Run for fifteen minutes in the morning and evening with my dog.

I’m sure, if I’m able to do this, these little steps will one day add up to huge strides.

Make Mistakes

All my life I have been scared of making mistakes, and it’s this fear that has held me back from so many things that I could have done. What if I had had the courage to send that email? What if I’d been brave enough to pick up the phone and make that call? I’ll never know what could have happened if I’d not been frozen by fear of making a mistake. So this year, I want to make mistakes. I want to be ok with making mistakes, because I have learnt that if I am making mistakes, I am making new things, trying new things, taking chances, learning, growing, living, pushing myself, evolving, changing myself and the world around me.

This year, I’m going to double the amount of mistakes than I normally make. Amazing, crazy, stupendous mistakes. And every time fear rears its ugly head I’ll look at fear straight in the eye and stare it down!

so that’s what I resolve to do this year, what about you?

Have a very Happy New Year!

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Silver sandals : Clarks (on sale now) Here

Faux fur stole : From a local boutique in Penang, Malaysia

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  1. loved reading the post. definitely going to incorporate these in my resolutions

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