It was a cold stormy winter day in Aizawl. The hotel that I was staying in is about 30 kms away from the Lengpui Airport. What usually takes an hour, took about 2.5 hours to get to the airport that day.

All this while I was frantically praying that I don’t miss the flight. Breathlessly, I somehow reached the check-in counter, just in time, only to learn that all flights from Aizawl were cancelled that day, and that we’d need to go back to the kiosk outside to re-book our flights and arrange for a place to stay. Two hundred-ish people all lined up, including a pile of very tired kids, an old lady on a wheel chair, and a very irritated, very vocal gentleman who had a connecting flight to Cape Town from Kolkata.

I always find it interesting to watch how people manage situations when the control is completely wrenched away from them. There we were, stranded, and there wasn’t anything really we could do about it, so I was sitting in one corner seeing the world go by and trying to reach Anil, my chauffeur (who had dropped me to the airport).

Anil could not come back to pick me as he was given another duty. After trying a few other ways of getting a cab and failing at all of them, I started getting a little antsy. On top of that I was famished, and apart from some machine brewed ‘Nescafe’, there was little else available. I realized, there is something scary about not being in control of your ability to find food. It can cause you to stress and often makes you feel hungrier. Don’t you think so?

I was tired and hungry and on the verge of breaking down, when a kind lady came up to me and said ‘I noticed you trying to call someone from a long time. Is everything ok. Do you have means to go back to the city?’ I narrated my entire story. She told me she was headed to her shop Zion street, and can give me a lift till there. From there I could easily grab a cab. I gratefully accepted her offer.

After an arduous drive of two hours we reached her shop. The moment I entered it, my eyes flew to this self-patterned lace jacket. It was love at first sight. I immediately bought it along with a few other equally pretty finds

Sometimes an unanswered prayer can be a blessing in disguise. Had the flight not been cancelled, I would have never met this wonderful woman or got a chance to buy this jacket.

Outfit Details

Jeans : Elle :  Here

Lace top : Gap : Similar : Here

Shoes : Carlton London : Here

Jacket : From a local boutique in Aizawl (Mizoram) : similar : Here


P.S. I just whasapped her a pic in this jacket and she loved it  🙂



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  1. Hi Mam, saw your post on facebook and so read the article. This is so true. Only God knows why is not listening to our prayers and he does it for the best

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