About Moumita

Hi There,

My name is Moumita, a typical Libran who loves beauty in all its forms, music, literature, art, architecture and fashion, particularly fashion. A person who believes in the social significance of dress and image, and has witnessed the power of fashion and self-presentation in her career as a Human Resource Professional. Having worked as the National Head for one of the major functions in a top IT company, a stay in Europe and Latin America and professional stints in top Fortune 500 companies of European and American descent has given me a amazing opportunity to come across some highly talented, influential and stylish women in these industries and learn from them.

I often travel when I am not at work. I have combed every nook and corner of the nation and have travelled to 20 other countries (-and counting!). I am obsessed with reading and currently am enjoying the maternal pleasures of being a crazy, obsessed dog mother to a fur ball called Raxy.

This blog is not just an outlet for my fashion hedonism and love for all things sartorial, but also a platform to connect with the culturally-curious, stylishly-strong and fashionably-forward Indian women who are leaving a mark and setting examples in every field. Join me in my (mis)adventures and give me an opportunity to learn from you at
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